Reiki and Symbols

REIKI – cho ku rei – symbol

REIKI SYMBOLS are very powerful tools used through Higher Consciousness, and applied either physically or mentally, for the highest interest and good, in the healing of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

SYMBOLS are shapes, configurations, and signatures that we use in healing, to focus on intention or concentrate communication. By using symbols we access the conscious mind, directly with the intuitive mind.

SYMBOLS can be used either mentally, or physically, and the recipient can be either present or absent. By using the symbols physically through our hands either on the body or within the aura and enteric field, we are making more of a statement, a commitment.

The total use of symbols increases our awareness and capacity for wholeness. The symbols are part of the WHOLE. Symbols can be used separately or in combination with other healing modalities. In using the symbols we go beyond the left brain and have communication that goes beyond the logical reasoning mind. The general state of the conscious analytical mind does not always recognize messages and information, even when it is presented.

During focus upon certain symbols, the higher consciousness, or Higher Self, is able to bring about INTEGRATION & ALIGNMENT in one’s life. The more one uses the symbols, the more one realizes the magnitude and impact that they have in healing. They can be used on yourself, as well as on others.

Your own personal symbols are a projection of fourth-dimensional con­sciousness, an allowance of one’s self to journey into the unlimited, Infinite Universe.


The SYMBOLS that you will be used to create alignment and harmony within and around the body will be your own unique symbols. You will receive four healing symbols, such as for Divine Love, Clearing, Strengthening and Reducing Excess.

The usage of symbols is up to each individual’s choosing, and you may find that you use more of some than others.

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