About Reiki

“As a plant takes up the water that it needs, so Reiki is absorbed and goes where it is needed.”

A highly effective form of natural therapy for directing and applying Universal life energy through a gentle touch-activated “hands on” treatment for natural health, relaxation, inner-peace, self esteem and well being. Reiki is gentle and completely safe and can be given to babies, the elderly and used in conjunction with any medication, and complimentary therapies.

This vital energy is essential for your health and well being on a daily basis. In order to balance your energies you must restore vital energy which may become depleted through stress and daily activities.
The regular practice of Reiki assists in maintaining a state of positive wellness and prevents health disorders, no matter what your age.
Reiki treats the physical symptoms of dis-ease in the body, boosting the immune system, giving more energy to chronic fatigue sufferers, relieving arthritis and rheumatic aches and other troublesome bodily pains.

Reiki assists in the treatment of cuts, burns and sprains; broken bones mend twice as fast. It also works at the causal level introducing a feeling of well being and giving a sense of inner peace at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The Reiki energy has a calming, relaxing effect on stress, tension, hyperactivity and A.D.D. conditions in adults and children.

Reiki brings stability to the mind, body and brightens the soul, to generate self-esteem, self worth and confidence, thus feeling rejuvenated and empowered to embrace life and all its many blessings.