Origins and Lineage

Dr. Mikao Usui (pictured) was a scholar of many philosophies and teachings. Searching for a deeper knowledge about the mysteries of life and the use of
healing energies he rediscovered Reiki in the mid-nineteenth century.

The original Seven Reiki Symbols are a language of energy are neither Chinese, traditional Japanese, Kanji, they are light and activate universal energy, Dr Mikao Usui kept the authentic symbols completely intact and respected their true form.

After working with the formula found in ancient sutras and perfecting them through
his meditation, Dr Usui then passed on his work to others including his successor,
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi continued the Reiki tradition keeping Reiki symbols sacred and complete.

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi (pictured), a member of the Japanese aristocracy, who was a young medical surgeon had his own private Reiki clinic in Tokyo.

In the late 1930’s a Hawaiian female patient Hawayo Takata who, was very ill and expected to die found herself completely healed within eight months through Reiki treatments in Dr Hayashi’s clinic.

Her experience with Reiki transformed her life and gave her the desire to learn Reiki and to help others. By 1940 she was trained by Dr Hayashi in the complete
formula of the Seven level System of Reiki.

Hawayo Takata (pictured) practiced and taught Reiki for the next thirty years mainly on the Hawaiian Islands. During her seventies Mrs Takata felt it was time to instruct people as Reiki teachers.

She had trained twenty-two Reiki teachers altogether, most of whom where trained up to the first teacher level, Reiki 3B, to attune students to Reiki Degree Levels 1 & 2 only,
Dr Barbara Weber Ray, was trained to the highest teacher level, Reiki 7B. At a formal reception in front of over two hundred invited guests witnessed
Dr. Barbara Ray announce Hawayo Takata as her successor to the complete
Seven Degree’s of Reiki including all the teacher levels.

Barbara Ray was the only one of Hawayo Takata’s students who was empowered
to make and initiate other teachers and teach the complete Reiki system.
Dez Dalton’s teacher trained with Dr Ray and then passed on the entire system to Dez, who is now a Reiki Grand Master Teacher.

Gary Samer (pictured) was trained by Barbara Webber Ray as a Reiki Master Teacher, taught Reiki throughout Europe and North America before emigrating to Australia where he was responsible for introducing and popularizing the authentic Seven Level System of Reiki, as rediscovered by Dr Usui.

He has taught Reiki to over 10,000 people in 12 countries.

In 2001 Gary became the Australian distributor of Sir Jason Winters Products administering a free naturopathic help service from his home in Coffs Harbour.

Dez Dalton (pictured) after receiving Reiki Degree’s 1 and 2 became a Reiki practitioner in 1994, completing all Seven Degree’s from Gary Samer by 1996.

Graduated to 3B teacher in 1998,
5B Advanced Master Teacher August 2000,
7B Grand Master Teacher December 2000.
Authorizing him to instruct and initiate teachers to the unique and authentic source of Reiki. The Seven Level System throughout Australia. See > Website

Corina Tan

Corina Tan (pictured) Has attained all of the Seven Personal Empowerment/Practitioner Degrees trained with her Reiki Teacher Dez Dalton 2008 – 2010.